The Extraction System B-811 is the most convenient and versatile of all automated extraction systems offering 4 different extraction techniques in one unit. Perform a Soxhlet Standard, a Soxhlet Warm, a Hot Extraction, or Continuous Flow – each process is fully automated and controlled. Additionally: work under completely inert conditions!The instrument is available in a standard and LSV configuration for large volume samples (trace analysis)
The Extraction Units E-812/816 are designed for classical Food and Feed applications in real compliance with AOAC methods.They are available as fully automated real class Soxhlet systems (E-812/816 Sox) or as Hot Extraction configurations (E-812/816 HE) to perform automated hot extractions according to Randall or Goldfisch
The Hydrolysis Units B-411 and E-416 provide a safe and fast acid digestion handling for multiple samples at the same time. The acid hydrolysis is an integral part of extractions according to Weibull-Stoldt and is required in a number of AOAC Official Methods to determine fat in processed food like cheese, seafood, dressings, meat, etc.
The unique concept of the new SpeedExtractor achieves a new time dimension: Up to 6 samples can be extracted not one after the other, but at the same time in completely separate cells. The result: 6 extracts in only 20 minutes! The SpeedExtractor also makes day-to-day work easier. The automatic sealing of the extraction cells, the easy operation and the flexible process parameters make the work not only convenient, but also safe and of versatile application. The SpeedExtractor is available in ...