GPR offers a practical, reliable and most importantly non-destructive solution for subsurface Geophysical investigations.
The MALÅ ProEx system is a truly modular and lightweight full-range Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system designed to meet the needs of the advanced professional user. At the heart of this new system is the MALÅ ProEx Control Unit. Designed on a completely new technical platform, the MALÅ ProEx is the most versatile control unit in the MALÅ Geoscience range.
Used for soil and bedrock investigations in boreholes. The area of investigation is a cylinder shaped volume around the borehole with a radius of 10-100m (dependent on electrical properties of the media).
MALÅ’s range of High Frequency (HF) Shielded Antennas offer the best imaging solution with the highest resolution available. These antennas are primarily used for high precision measurements and surveys, such as Non-Destructive Test (NDT), imaging of concrete, forensics, road surveys, layer thickness or other applications requiring high resolution measurements and images.
MALÅ shielded antennas are primarily used for medium to high resolution surveys. The shielded antenna construction makes the antennas especially suitable for urban investigations or at sites with a lot of background noise.
MALÅ’s unique Rough Terrain Antenna (RTA) series changes the face of low-frequency Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveying. The flexible “snake” like design allows the antenna to be maneuvered easily and efficiently through the densest or most uneven of terrain without affecting ground contact, providing optimum results in the most difficult of environments’.
MALÅ unshielded antennas are low frequency antennas used for applications requiring maximum depth penetration. Where cultural noise is not a factor and the project demands maximum penetration depth, the MALÅ unshielded antennas are the answer.
Equipped with a simple control button ”turn and push” and a full size trans-reflective TFT color screen the XV Monitor visualizes your data even in strong sunlight and operates under extremely rough weather conditions. The XV Monitor offers a number of advantages over a standard laptop.