Digestion systems based on a heated aluminum block are widely known and are recommended in many official methods. With many years of experience in this sector, BUCHI offers three aluminum block digestion systems. These systems offer varying degrees of automation and ease of use.
Neutralize acid fumes and reaction gases which arise during Kjeldahl analyses or other processes, pro-environmentally and reliably with the new BUCHI Scrubber B-414. The apparatus operates without a water-jet pump and minimizes tap water consumption. It can be adjusted to your exact requirements with various options. The self-contained design guarantees maximum safety in the work-place
Using the SpeedDigester IR digestion systems, new standards are set in speed of digestion, flexibility and reproducibility. Using these systems, a wide range of samples can be digested much faster compared to conventional digestion systems. The SpeedDigester K-439 is also the world’s first IR digestion system with temperature control, so that exact temperatures can be set.
It automatically removes and neutralizes the acid fumes, preventing contamination of lab and outdoor air by these corrosive fumes. In addition, laboratory fume exhaust and ventilation systems are protected from corrosion.