Introduction about Mala Geoscience

MALÅ have been developing and producing different geophysical instruments for over 70 years and is today the world-leading manufacturer of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for many different types of applications.

In 1935 the Swedish Geological Survey launched an ambitious research program in the small community of Malå, Sweden to develop instruments for ore body prospecting. Since then MALÅ have developed many different types of equipments, from Geophysical-, GPR-, Gamma instruments to Software and Computers, just to mention a few different types.

During the 1980's MALÅ introduced the RAMAC, first borehole radar tool ever built. The RAMAC is made for borehole measurements only, and is still today a world unique product.

In 1994, the RAMAC/GPR was introduced. This instrument is a modernisation of the first RAMAC radar tool. With the RAMAC/GPR, measurements from the surface as well as from borehole can be made.

During the last 14 years MALÅ have introduced to the market a variety of different product for different applications. MIRA arrays, X3M, Easy Locator, Sewer Radar and Concrete Radar just to mention a few.

Based in Malå, Sweden, Charleston, United States, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Beijing, China MALÅ's team of scientists and engineers offer you more than seventy years of expertise in geophysical research and product development. MALÅ's success stems from a long tradition of cutting edge research. All of MALÅ´s radar systems and subsystems have been developed within the R&D group at MALÅ.

MALÅ´s products are a Swedish quality product that has made a tremendous success all over the world. With its user friendliness, cost effectiveness, flexibility, ruggedness and modern design, MALÅ´s product range is indeed unique on the market.