Introduction about Nikon

·         Nikon Corporation, Japan- optical leading manufacturer in the world for Microscope, camera, Digital camera.... with Nikon brand had proven quality worldwire.
·         SISC Viet Nam Instrumentation Joint Stock Company- the leading supplier  in Vietnam for  scientific instruments and also is the distributor supply product of Nikon in Vietnam since many years recently
·         Nikon Corporation supply  synchronous product range includes: Microscope, camera, software for controls and image processing. Which is total solution useful for observing small world  by "eyes of science"
·         SISC Viet Nam Instrumentation Joint Stock Company provide to customer synchronous solution for laboratories and tests includes:
+ Consultant use to equipment in genaral and in particular the Microscope in the laboratories and test, satisfy requied work and financial capacity of each specific customer
+ Providing microscope product, camera,quality software with price suitable
+ Providing after sale service: introduce how to use and maintenace equipment, warranty, repair services for high technology, according to regular of manufactory. Technical team have graduated the universities and higher graduated education, has been professional training and received certificate issued by the manufacture. Our technical department according to ISO 9001:2000 Standard

·         Nikon microscope is supplied from SISC Viet Nam Instrumentation Joint Stock Company with full range of product from simple microscopes to complete microscope include:
Routine microscope, inverted microscope, stereo zoom microscopic, Microscope with dedicated design....with full current observation methods: bright field, phase contrast, darkfiel, epi-fluorescence, allow:
+   To satisfy many demand of customer :  education, rontine laboratories, basic reseach and advanced reseach
+   Providing many fields of Health, Education, protect plant, Veterinary, seafood, biology, geology, Pertrochemistry, minerals....

·         Now, Nikon microscopes are supplied by SISC had been presented in many customers in over the country: Hospitals, Universities, research Institutes, production process...

Customer have any requirement about microscope, please contact us to get free support and  high quality equipment with price suitable.