Model: R-300 Manufacturer: BUCHI- Switzerland
  1. Features
  2. Specification

The Rotavapor® R-300 is available with either an electronic or manual lift, and can optionally 2 kind of the Heating Bath

-       B-301 (Maximum evaporating flask 1L, Max. temp 95oC)

-       B-305 (Maximum evaporating flask 5L, Max. temp 220oC 

-        Patented multifunctional Combi-Clip: Tool for evaporating flask fixation and removal, as well as vapor duct release Allows one handed flask removal

-        Display: Rotation speed (actual value), lift position (actual value) and heating bath temperature (set and actual value) displayed on the Heating Bath B-300 Base

-        Combination with I-300/I-300PRO controls all process parameters of a Rotavapor® R-300 system: rotation speed, temperature (heating bath and coolant), pressure, process time etc

-        Optional 7 type of condenser: vertical, Reflux, Cold trap reflux, Diagonal.

-     Optional assemble glass has P+G safety coating Protects users from contact with chemicals, avoids risk of injuries, Retains valuable substance in case of glass breakage


Technical data

-        Immersion angle: 10 – 50°

-        Vertical adjustment range: 220 mm

-        End stop positioner: 100 mm (manual) Prevents glass breakage and damages to heating bath pan

-        Rotation speed range: 10-280 rpm

-        Max. flask capacity: 3 kg

-        Cooling Surface area: 1500 cm2

-        Ingress protection rating: IP21

-        Power consumption: 100W

-        Frequency: 50/60Hz

-        Approval: CE/CSA

Heating Bath B-305

-        Temperature range: up to 220 °C

-        Adjustment accuracy: ± 1 °C

-        Evaporating flask maximum size: 5000 mL

-        Heating fluid: Water/Oil

-        Maximum bath capacity: 5.5 litter

-        Power consumption: 1500W

-        Heating power: 1300W

-        Ingress protection rating: IP21

-        Approval: CE/CSA

-   Overheat protection: Mechanical and electronic over-temperature control. Cuts off power when actual exceeds set temperature and by rapid temperature increase

-       Key-button locking functions: To lock the set temperature of the heating bath Prevents accidental change of set conditions during process

-        LCD-display: Indicates set and actual values of heating bath temperature, rotation speed and lift position