Automatic Polarimeter for the Sugar Industry: Propol
Propol is an automatic sugar polarimeter with an extremely high resolution of 0.0001° Optical Rotation. The measurement principle of the saccharimeter, compensation of the Optical Rotation by the Faraday effect, requires no moving parts and is therefore maintenance-free.
  1. Features
  2. Specification

High linearity
-          The Propol is an automatic polarimeter with an extremely high resolution of 0.0001° Optical Rotation using an unique measuring principle: Magneto-optical compensation by Faraday effect.
-          The linearity of the Optical Rotation and concentration scales is better than 0.05 %
-          Instrument temperature error close to zero
-          Measurement scales for Optical Rotation, %Sucrose, %Glucose, °Z International Sugar Scale (ICUMSA) and three user-definable concentration scales
Economical and environmentally friendly
-          No mechanically moved parts means no wear
-          Enables analysis of extremely dark-colored samples prepared without lead
-          Measures either individual samples or continuously, e.g. in the waste water of a sugar refinery
Small sample volume required
-          Hitherto, the use of automatic polarimeters for concentration measurements of optically active substances has been limited to sample volumes in the mL range.
-      The high resolution of the Propol allows to measure samples even in the μL range either as individual samples or continuously, e.g. in the eluate of a HPLC.

Principle of operation
Self-balancing polarimeter with magneto-optical compensation by Faraday effect
Measuring ranges
· °Optical Rotation, range ±6°, resolution 0.0001°, 0.001°, or 0.01°, menu-selectable
· User-definable concentration ranges: linear, standard or polynomial scales
· % Sucrose, range 0-23 % (g/100 cm3) with 40 mm cell, resolution 0.001 %
· % Glucose, range 0-26 % (g/100 cm3) with 40 mm cell, resolution 0.001 %
· °Z International Sugar Scale, ranges with 40 mm cell: ±86 °Z (standard)
or -50 °Z to +120 °Z (sugar industry model), resolution 0.01 °Z
Sample temperature display
0-99 °C at 0.1 °C resolution. Sample cell with built-in Pt 100 temperature sensor, or a dipping probe required
Green vacuum fluorescence display
Water-proof rubber membrane type with numeric key array
Automatic gain control
Compensates light attenuation up to an optical density of 4
Calibration and adjustment
Menu-guided calibration by Certified Quartz Control Standards
Calendar/clock functions
Battery-buffered quartz clock with date and time
RS-232C serial port,
analogue output 0-10 V or 5 ±5 V
Light source
Tungsten-halogen lamp, 6 V, 10 W, average life 5000 h
Optical wavelength
589 nm (standard) or 546 nm (optional)
Sample cells
Various types from 2.5 to 90 mm length, material stainless steel or all glass, e.g. special models for HPLC applications
Integration time
User-selectable from 1-99 s, defines the number of measurements averaged at each display refresh cycle. The measuring rate is 14 measurements/s
Measuring unit
Waterproof cast metal housing, dimensions 550 x 130 x 215 mm (L x W x H), weight 17 kg
Display unit
Bench top housing of light metal, dimensions 470 x 160 x 340 mm (L x W x H), weight 7 kg
Connecting cable
Between measuring unit and display unit, length 2.5 m
Power requirements
Self-adapting to any mains voltage of 100/120 VAC or 200/240 VAC nominal +10 %/-15 %, 45-65 Hz